How to Start a Home Baking Business

cake The holidays are an ideal time to start a home baking business. The high demand for treats combined with the hectic chaos of the season means that many people will be looking for short cuts that save time, while still being able to serve and to enjoy high quality cookies, pies, cakes, candies and more.

Do Some Research

Talk to neighbors, family, friends and co-workers to find out exactly what type of baked goods they would be most likely to buy. This may give you a good idea of what you should offer and if you already have a likely customer base.

At the same time, calculate the cost of ingredients you would need for the items that you want to offer. This will help you figure out how much you should charge for your items. Don’t forget that you may be able to buy in bulk.

Create a Goal

What is the goal for your business? Do you just want to earn some extra money for Christmas and the holidays? Having a concrete goal will keep you motivated and organized.

Do Some Marketing

Bake up a few samples and get them out to potential customers. Leave a plate in the break room at work, along with a sign up sheet for orders. Make up a flyer and leave it in your neighbor’s mailboxes or doorsteps. Bring a plate of goodies to church with your card attached. Visit some local businesses and offer samples there as well.

Enlist Some Help

Depending on the number of orders you get, you may need to get some help in taking orders, baking or delivery. Alternatively, you can cap the number of orders you take and put deadlines on when orders need to be received. It is often better to start out small and then work up from there, rather than becoming overwhelmed.

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