How to Take an Outdoor Party Indoors in a Hurry

If the weather simply won’t cooperate with your outdoor party plans, there’s no reason to reschedule. You can bring the party indoors without a problem, if you’re prepared.

This time of year, the weather is still quite nice in my area (85 degrees yesterday) so I usually have outdoor parties for our October birthdays. Unfortunately, you just can’t be sure of the weather as it may quickly become chilly or begin to rain or even storm. So, it pays to be prepared.

I use plastic storage baskets and bins to carry everything outside. If necessary, I can throw everything back into the containers to bring stuff indoors quickly. It works well even if you don’t need to move inside because it helps keep things better organized.

I get plates, cups, napkins, tableware packed up in one and food items packed into other containers ahead of time. I pack up the games and prizes and I stock coolers with drinks. When it’s time for the party, I can set up quickly with fewer trips in and out.

birthday party favors party hatIf you do need to move inside, ask everyone to grab a chair and bring it in. Set up a folding table, grab your bins and baskets, and in just a few minutes, the party can resume as if it were never interrupted. It helps to create a game area in advance, just in case, so you’ll have plenty of room to play instead of having to skip party games.

I usually do at least some indoor decorating as well. Add a birthday banner or sign, a few balloons, and some streamers. It’s quick, easy, festive and affordable, and it allows you to have a party atmosphere ready to go inside at a moment’s notice.

Birthday parties are a lot of fun and there’s no reason to dampen the fun even if the weather is damp.

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