How to Turn Leftovers into New Meals

dinner Leftovers never go wasted in my house. If you love to use leftovers but hate having the same thing night after night, consider employing some of the following leftover strategies.

Meal one night, side dish the next

One of the leftover strategies that I employ is to make a meatless dish one night and have it as a main meal. Then any leftovers can be turned into side dishes. This allows you to use up your leftovers without overloading your family with the same tastes. For example, I may make homemade baked means and serve them over rive for the main dish. Then sometime during the week, the baked beans alone can be used as a side dish with another meal. Macaroni and cheese or pasta dishes are two other easy transitions.

Italian eggs

Frittatas are are wonderful dish to make with leftovers. Basically you combine eggs with cheese and whatever else you have leftover. I enjoy making frittatas with pasta and broccoli. This dish is very flexible.

Bake it

Lots of leftovers can be thrown into new creations and baked. Ham or bacon can be baked into corn muffins, all sorts of fillings can be made into hot pockets or calzones. Meat and vegetables can be turned into pot pies. Basically, just use the leftovers as fillings and cover them or wrap them with something. Good coverings include biscuits (or Bisquick), pastry dough and pie crusts, and muffin or quick bread dough.


The wok or skillet is an excellent tool to use for leftovers. See if you can turn some of those leftovers into a stir fry or a fried rice. Rice is very inexpensive, and you can get an entire new meal. Add a scrambled egg for protein if you have lots of vegetables and little or no meat leftover.

I hope you like these ideas. Please share your own as well as tell me what else you would like to see.

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