How To Use Distressing On Your Layouts

Distressing your layouts adds dimension and appeal to your scrapbook layouts. It gives the layout an aged look, or a weathered look. There are several ways you can obtain a distressed look, and different materials you can use. Here are a few of the most common.

Sandpaper – Sandpaper is fun to use to distress especially if you are using a piece of cardstock with a white core. Sand the cardstock or an embossed image on your cardstock with the sandpaper. Try using different grades of sandpaper to achieve different effects.

Inks – There are special inks designed especially for distressing but stamp ink pad of any color will work. You can swipe it across your papers, use it to make edging marks along the side of a layout or apply it on a layout using a cotton ball, cotton swap or sponge. Each item you try it with should give you a different look. Apply with a paintbrush for a more aggressive look that almost looks like sandpaper can do.

Paints – Paints can work exactly the same way as inks can. You can cover a page entirely with a color and then etch or scratch into the surface. Put only a small amount of paint on the brush and stroke it across the paper for a softer look. Mix ink and paint together for a cool dimensional look.

Edge Distresser – There are actual tools created and designed to distress the edges of your layouts. These handy tools make it easier to expose the white core, and give your project the look you desire with very little effort. One of the benefits of the edge distresser is that you can vary the strength in which you use it, to achieve a more realistic effect. Start softly and build up strength as you go. It looks really cool!

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