How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains 2

shopping cart Do you find yourself missing out on some of the best grocery deals because the shelves are empty once you get there? I’ve been discussing some strategies that can help you get the grocery bargains before they disappear. If you missed yesterday’s post, click here: How to Win the Competition for Grocery Bargains.

Shop the small or out of the way store

In my area, there are two giant supermarket stores. One is a smaller store, and the other is much larger, with a greater selection, a bigger bakery, a pharmacy, etc. Most people, including us usually shop the larger store. But when there is a hot sale I always go to the smaller store. Since most people overlook this store, it usually has stock. Today, for example, I purchased six fat roaster chickens that were buy one get one free. The larger store would have had one anemic looking roaster left by the time I would have gotten there in late afternoon. And there were still plenty of roasters left. If there weren’t I would have reduced the number I purchased (see below).

Use rain checks

If you find the shelves empty, go over to the customer service desk and request a rain check. This doesn’t work with all products, but it works with most. Usually there is a limit to the number of items you can request on a single rain check (six of the same in most stores near me), and you’ll won’t be able to take advantage of that coupon if it expires before you use the rain check. Make sure to keep the rain check somewhere handy and visible so that it comes with you on your next shopping trip. A rain check isn’t worth anything if it expires.

Check back later today for the rest for the rest of the tips.

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