How Well Do You Know Your Mate?

So in most cases, especially if you have been together for a while, you and your mate know each other better than anyone else right? You share your most intimate secrets with one another. You know each other’s likes and dislikes.

I would dare to say that most partners know all the major traits of one another. However those that are truly bonded also pick up on all of the small details.

There are a couple of situations that come to mind when I think about how much you really know about your mate.

Thinking back upon one of the most relationship complicated movies, Runaway Bride, I can remember that one small detail made a huge difference. This detail was the way that the partners liked their eggs cooked. It seems that the bride-to-be always adapted herself to the ways of her mate instead of being her own person and ordering eggs how she liked them.

Another occurrence that really got me to thinking about the details was a commercial about a new game show. On that commercial, honestly I cannot even remember the name of the show, a man was asked to identify which lady was wearing his wife’s wedding dress.

I think that this could be hard for many men. Women seem to be much more in tune with details than men.

I would like for you to think about how well you and your mate know each other. How many details can you answer about each other? Think about some of the following:

If you pull up at a drive-in fast food place, what will your mate order?

What would your mate order as his or her last meal? (Let’s hope this never happens!)

What is one thing that your mate would never consider doing?

If your mate were given $1000, what would he or she do with it?

Can you retell one of your mate’s childhood memories?

What is your mate’s favorite color?

In the case of a fire (again let’s hope it doesn’t happen), what is the one thing that your mate would save (all living bodies aside)?

It has been a long and hard day at work, what is the one thing that your mate is looking for to? (ex. Hot bath, glass of wine, etc)

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