How Well Do You Know Your Spouse? – A Quiz

Here are some questions that’ll let you test how well you know your spouse. See how many of these you know right off the top of your head!I’m back with some more questions that’ll let you test how well you know your spouse. See how many of these you know right off the top of your head.

And for those you don’t…“You’re welcome.” What’s that about? Because I just gave you something to talk to your spouse about this weekend.

The Spouse Quiz

1. Do you know if they have a favorite color? If you answered yes, do you know what it is?

2. When was the last time your spouse ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? (Do they even like them? I always forget Wayne doesn’t…until I make one and he says, “Gross! How can you eat those things?”)

3. Speaking of sandwiches, how does your spouse feel about BLTs? (Last week I learned Wayne likes them. Something I never knew!)

4. Revisiting the topic of peanut butter…if your spouse likes PB, do they prefer it chunky or smooth?

5. How does your spouse get dressed? From top to bottom or bottom to top? (Top meaning putting their bra, blouse, or shirt on first; bottom meaning putting on underwear or socks, then skirt, pants, or shorts first.)

6. What’s your spouse’s favorite song?

7. What concert would your spouse fork out big bucks to sit front row at?

8. What radio station does your spouse listen to most?

9. What CD is in his or her car’s CD player right now?

10. What’s your spouse’s dream job? (If your spouse even knows. Wayne’s still trying to figure out what that might be. It’s always changing. But becoming a professional triathlete is always near the top of the list.)

11. Speaking of sports, do you know if your spouse had a sports hero growing up and who it was?

12. Sticking to sports, do you know if there’s an athlete your spouse would like to meet? (Misty May and Kerri Walsh top my list!)

13. Have any movies ever made your spouse cry? Do you know which ones? (Ladies, this might be a hard one to get the guys to fess up to if you didn’t actually see the tears flowing. Expect denials if you have to ask of the likes: “I’ve never cried over a movie in my life. That’s something only girls do.”)

14. What expression does your spouse use most?

15. How would your spouse dress 24/7 if they could? (This one was inspired by a comment Valorie left on another article.)

16. What did your spouse eat for lunch yesterday?

17. Whose email addresses are stored in their computer’s address book?

18. Whose phone numbers are stored in their cell phone?

19. What kind of burial preferences does your spouse have? (Yep, you guessed it, a question inspired by another of my articles.)

20. Has your spouse ever wanted to know how to speak another language? If so, which one?

21. What’s the longest book your spouse has ever read?

22. What’s their favorite book?

23. Who was their favorite author as a child?

24. What was their favorite book as a child?

25. Did their parents read them bedtime stories?

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