How Wii Are Celebrating Pleasure Your Mate Month (Among Other Things)

In addition to Pleasure Your Mate Month, the Team Pryor household has other super September celebrations underway.

Wayne’s birthday on Friday basically kicked off the fiesta. My birthday comes next, exactly one week after Wayne’s. Two days after that we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Four days after that is my dad’s birthday. Three days later, on the 23rd, the festivities conclude with Murph’s birthday.

Phew! What a month.

Buying presents for my dad and Murph is easy. Exchanging gifts between Wayne and myself? Well, that’s never easy. And complicating it even more than usual this year is our impending move.

I had basically resigned myself to the fact that fixing Wayne a nice dinner and the plane tickets home three weekends in a row would qualify as gifts this year. Wayne was not cool with that at all.

Don’t get me wrong. He was more than fine with just a home cooked meal, but he feels bad putting me through another move (we just did all this two years ago) and leaving me to deal with showings, keeping the house clean, and all the rest of the stress that comes with selling a house and moving. He felt my birthday would be the perfect day to show me, by way of a special gift, just how grateful he is that I put up with all this and how much he loves me.

Well, while we were out and about Saturday he sort of let it slip he wanted to get me a Wii. He knows I love video games, and I have been wanting one, but I guffawed at the price…until I got a bright idea.

“Okay, but can it be a joint birthday present and anniversary gift? Something for the both of us?”

His eyes lit up.

“You’d be okay with that?”

“Of course! In fact, I prefer it because I wanted to get you something but didn’t know what. This kind of solves all that.”

We went home and called around to check prices. Everyone was selling them for the same thing, so we picked the nearest store and two hours later we were set up and having a blast.

Wayne got to keep his birthday celebrations going, I got to celebrate mine a little early, and we got a jump on anniversary time together. “Wii” ended up celebrating a very pleasurable weekend after all!

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