How Yoga Helps Fertility

The number of couples affected by infertility continues to grow. In addition to infertility treatments with a specialist, couples are turning to natural methods to increase their chances of healthy conception. Your yoga practice offers several benefits to boost your fertility and improve your likelihood of getting pregnant. Yoga brings the mind, body and spirit into balance and offers a wide range of physical and emotional benefits when you are dealing with infertility.

Yoga helps to improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body, including the pelvis. This improved circulation and blood flow can help ease menstrual problems and oxygenate the organs, which is beneficial before and during pregnancy.

Asana can benefit the alignment of the pelvis, groins and hips. This can be beneficial for fertility and hip opening asana also offer benefits during pregnancy and in preparation for child birth.

When you are trying to get pregnant, everyone tells you to relax. Although this is incredibly annoying, there is some wisdom to the advice. High stress levels can increase stress hormones in your body. This extreme stress can actually interfere with successful conception.

Yoga helps to relieve tension and reduce stress. The peaceful relaxation you experience on your yoga mat can help you deal with infertility treatments and stay happy and positive. Practicing a meditative form of yoga or adding meditation to your practice will enhance the stress relief benefits.

Yoga stabilizes your mood. When taking fertility drugs, mood swings are a common side effect. Yoga and meditation can help to counteract the mood swings and keep you feeling calm. With regular practice, asana, breathing and meditation will help you stay grounded and peaceful.

Visualization techniques can be used in meditation to calm the mind and bring peace to the stressful and frustrating experience of infertility. Visualization can help you learn to release fear, anxiety and tension.

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