How Your Cell Phone Can Help You Be Healthy

There’s been a lot of talk about the negative stuff that comes with cell phones: cancer fears, distractions while driving, and annoying ring tones in public places. But your cell phone can be a useful tool for your exercise efforts!

According to Prevention magazine, nearly eighty percent of walkers bring a cell phone along. Rather than leaving your phone to be dead weight in your pocket or belt pack, put that tool to use!

  1. A cell phone is great for emergencies. If you’re on the road and you trip and break your arm (it happened to my mom) you can quickly and easily call for help. It’s also handy if you happen to witness an accident or emergency situation.
  2. Many cell phones serve double duty as music players. Load up your favorite upbeat tunes and you’ll have some accompaniment for your steps.
  3. Use your walking time as a chance to catch up with friends and family. A walking buddy is good for helping you stick to a routine, but if you have to walk alone, you can use the time for a chat. Use a headset, so your arms will be free to swing. You and a friend can be long-distance walking buddies! Save money and minutes if you’re both on the same cell phone service provider, or if your phone lets you pick “favorites” for unlimited calling.
  4. Subscription services like will send your phone a set of strength training moves so you can turn that walk into a full body sculpting workout.
  5. Hit the internet on your phone to plan new routes, check the weather, and watch out for traffic jams.
  6. Does your phone have GPS (global positioning system) technology? Friends and family can use it to track you on your walk. That way, if you’re running late because you decided to do an extra lap, nobody has to worry.
  7. Phone add-ons can help you track your speed, distance walked, and calories burned. You may need to sign up and pay for a particular service, but it will probably cost less than a fancy gym membership. Try for some health monitoring options.