Hurt Paw = Sympathy Windfall

I mean to tell you, Murph has not minded his hurt paw very much. Another title for this blog could have easily been: “Murph Makes Out Like a Bandit.” That’s what’s happened ever since Murphy’s fan club got word of his demise.

The Vet

It all started when my friend Brenda sent Murph a care package. Inside was a note from her dog Mocha hoping Murph would get well soon, as well as a stuffed vet toy.

When I thanked her, Brenda emailed me back and said, “I wasn’t really thinking. I guess he can’t really play right now.”

“Oh no!” I assured her. “He’s found a way to play all right. He even uses his cone to help himself catch the toy when I throw it!”

The Squirrel

A few days after that, Wayne came home with a gift bag that one of his coworkers had given to Murph. Inside were pill pockets, a jar of peanut butter, milk bones, and a stuffed squirrel. Murph was beside himself.

The Box Full of Blue and White Toys

Then last month Aunt Karen and Murph’s best friend Tucker stopped for a visit on their way up to Indy. Of course Aunt Karen came bearing gifts for everyone, and that’s how Murph ended up with a slew of blue and white toys of every sort.

He got a stuffed bone, a soft Frisbee, a stuffed ball…just to name a few. More toys added to his pile, much to his delight.

The Black Meowing Cat

I had resisted the urge to buy him any sympathy toys until right before Halloween. But because Karen had spoiled Murph, I felt unleashed to get Tucker something, and that’s how I ended up getting Murph the black cat.

(Much to the cats’ chagrin. To see YouTube videos of them with the cat, click here and here.)

The cats may not like it, but Murph sure does.

The Stork Thing

I’m not sure what the Hurricanes mascot is supposed to be. All I know is that Wayne went to Orlando a couple of weeks ago and wound up bringing two back, one of which Murph claimed. (The other one Tabby laid dibs on. Mr. Meow showed no interest in either.) I call it the Stork Thing and that’s what Murph now knows it as.

It’s the first time his dad went away on business and brought him something back. It seems like he realizes the significance of that and treats that toy more gently than any I’ve ever seen him get.

The Beach Bum Alligator

Then this past Friday a neighbor who adores Murph stopped by and dropped off yet another toy for him.

“I just love Murph and miss seeing him walk by my house every day,” Miss Ellen said when I answered the door and she presented him with a crazy stuffed alligator. “I’ve been meaning to get him something for a while now and finally did. I can’t wait until he gets his cast off and can get back to walking again.”

You know, Murph’s ready to get his cast off (which he will this Thursday –WOOHOOO!) and get back to walking, too, but with all the gifts he’s gotten I’m afraid he might learn to fake a limp to milk this a little bit more!

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