Husbands and Household Chores

We have all heard a very common complaint about husbands from their wives. Anytime a group of women get together for a social outing, the complaint can be heard. Women are overworked and under appreciated!

Men, in general, do not do their fair share of housework. At one point in time, housework was though tot be the job of a woman. This I can agree with. Yes women I said it! However, at one point in time working outside of the house was thought to be a man’s job. So how come now women can work outside of the house but men do not seem to be able to pick up their share in chores?

I, for one, would not mind keeping up with the laundry, the cooking, and the children if I did not have a forty hour the week job outside of my home (plus writing). However, society has made one-income homes almost obsolete.

My advice to any lady who plans to marry is to do your homework and research! Talk with your future husband about your ideas of household responsibilities. I have found that men who have lived on their own tend to be better with household chores than those who marry straight from living at home with mom. Spend time with your future husband while his mom is around. Does she still wait on him hand and foot? Does she do all of his laundry and cook all of his meals? If so, he will likely expect the same from you!

One study in the Journal of Family Issues found that live-in men tend to be better about helping with household chores than married men. It seems that the long ago built tradition of a man and a woman’s role in marriage cannot be shaken (at least for the women anyway!)

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