Hypnosis for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness affects many pregnant women. If you suffer with nausea every morning, you have likely tried a variety of home remedies to ease the queasiness. Some women are finding relief from their symptoms through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural method for treating morning sickness. You aren’t ingesting anything that can cross the placenta. It’s completely safe for the baby. Anti nausea medications are sometimes given in extreme cases of morning sickness, but it’s best to avoid them if possible.

It works by putting you in a deep state of relaxation. When you are in the relaxed state, your mind is more receptive to suggestions. Some of the suggestions used in hypnosis for morning sickness programs include suggestions about how you will react to the smells of foods and suggestions to help increase your appetite.

There haven’t been any studies done that show that hypnosis is effective for morning sickness. However, it is effective for other types of nausea. There have been studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnosis for cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

If you are interested in trying hypnosis, you can buy CDs to use at home. These are self hypnosis CDs that can be used with headphones, similar to home hypnosis for child birth programs. You need to use the CDs every day for it to be effective.

Some programs combine hypnosis with other methods. Acupressure bands are sometimes included. These are similar to the wrist bands used for motion sickness. Ginger chewing gum or hard candies are included in some programs. This herb is known to help relieve nausea.

Home based hypnosis programs can be downloaded off the Internet in mp3 format too. Most cost under fifteen dollars and come with a money back guarantee, if it doesn’t work. If you decide to go this way, you won’t be throwing your money away if it doesn’t work for you. Check the terms of the guarantee to be sure there aren’t any restrictions.

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