Hypnotize Yourself Skinny

Never underestimate the power of your mind. Hypnosis really works for weight loss, if you are consistent with sessions and honest. Maybe you are the type of person who feels that this type of thing could not work for you. How could something so abstract possibly help a person lose weight? If you feel that way, this could be a big surprise for you. With the right attitude you could be hooked on hypnosis! This could work for any individual as a good weight loss addition to you regular diet plan!

But there is a catch to hypnosis. Reinforcement on a daily basis is a must. If you don’t learn self-hypnosis and then practice it every day, positive results will not continue; you will be wasting your time. Maintenance is the key. So if you are not willing to take the time or to apply the self-discipline to both learning self-hypnosis and practicing it everyday, this method will not work for you. However, if you are willing to put in the time, read on!

Some people are able to begin this process without outside help by purchasing a self-hypnosis cassette or CD. Others require a kick start and will consider sitting in on a group weight loss session held by a traveling hypnotist held at a local hotel. These are routinely advertised in the newspapers or on the internet. (Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?) There are reports for many sources that show this to be a very good way to begin such a program – as long as the cost is does hurt the budget. (In other words, compare prices.) Just remember: This professional, no matter how good, will not negate your responsibility of follow-up after that initial session; even with a money-back guarantee. There is work for you to do!

Follow-up will consist (in the very least) of a personal session every night where you will listen to a cassette tape or CD right before you go to bed to reinforce what the hypnotist provided. Only then, with the follow-up, will hypnosis work for you. The maintenance catch, now, takes over. If you don’t keep up with the reinforcement tapes, if you are too tired, too busy, too anything one night, then very slowly over a few weeks you will begin to slip back into old ways.

Hypnosis does work, but it also takes work. Please note that most traveling hypnotists peddle other weight loss goods to go along with their sessions. Other items must be carefully considered. Do you really need them? Are they doctor approved? Buy – or don’t buy – responsibly. You will find that reinforcement cassettes and CDs can be purchased right from a local book store. One side of the cassette is usually weight loss hypnosis, the other is subliminal (ocean waves or music with suggestions hidden behind the sound that help you throughout the day). Bottom line – it is fun to get skinny this way!