I am a Cheapskate…and Proud of It.

If the term “cheapskate” offends any of you, it shouldn’t. Say it loud. Say it proud. There are so many reasons why the term cheapskate should be viewed as a badge of honor.

Cheapskates aren’t wasteful. Have you ever walked out of a restaurant and looked at all of the tables that had not been bussed yet? I bet there is enough wasted food to feed a small village in your average American restaurant. Cheapskates save the leftovers. Cheapskates view restaurant meals as a challenge. “How many meals can I get out of dinner tonight?” “What can I make with the leftover spaghetti?” “Boy, the kids are going to love eating the rest of this BBQ rib platter for lunch tomorrow”.

Cheapskates dress better. Okay, this might be a stretch…but hear me out. My mom does not have the income to buy designer clothes yet she is always stunning. Every time I see her, she is wearing a new vest or a cute coat that she got at the local thrift store. Ironically, most of her “finds” are name-brand, designer clothes that a wealthy person threw out after one season. While most people in her income bracket shop at discount stores and clubs, my mom always looks like she just stepped out of a fine boutique.

My kids wear brand names like Nike, Gymboree, Teva, and Merell. Can we afford brand name clothes? Not really. But we “recycle” them at a great consignment shop down the road so when some people are spending fifty dollars on one pair of Nike sneakers, I spend fifty bucks on a trendy spring wardrobe for two children.

Cheapskates are unique. We like to wear “retro” clothing. Our homes are filled with watering cans filled with flowers and artwork hand-crafted by our kiddos. We love dollar-store centerpieces and making cute “capri” pants out of last season’s jeans. Everything from our homes, to our clothing choices are off-beat and extraordinary.

Finally, cheapskates are creative. We know how to make our own cleaning products. We can make three meals out of one. We design our own business cards, greeting cards and we hand-craft gifts for loved ones. We invent fun and inexpensive ways to entertain our kids and we enjoy creative dates with our spouses.

It takes a lot of ingenuity and intelligence to be a cheapskate. It’s time to enjoy the term, and own it!