I Am Not A Scrapbooker And I Never Will Be! part 2

We all have drawers, baskets, and boxes full of old photos. It’s just a part of human nature and the ability to use a camera! But not everyone is a scrapbooker. In fact, many hate the very idea of scrapbooking. They see big dollar signs. They see too many pictures to put into albums, and they see a whole lot of time spent placing those many pictures into albums. Guess what? You don’t have to hate scrapbooking! And you don’t have to be a scrapbooker either. It’s not that difficult to create an album for your family and friends to enjoy and never once will anyone call you a scrapbooker. Ok, well maybe someone will…but it won’t be me.

In the previous article, I Am Not A Scrapbooker And I Never Will Be! part 1, we began discussing the whole concept of NOT scrapbooking. Here is more of that article as we continue to choose the type of album you might like, and go further in depth into creating a photo album rather than a scrapbook.

So sure, you could also buy an actual scrapbook album, but the cost is much greater and you aren’t a scrapbooker so why would you need a “scrapbook”. Let’s just start with a regular old 3-ring binder. Nothing fancy. Just a binder. You can usually find a rather inexpensive binder at any discount chain and they run from $.99-$5.00, depending of course on the size you choose. You might wish to spend the extra money so that you can fill it WAY up before you would ever need to buy another one.

So now you have your binder and your photographs. You are expecting this to get really expensive now aren’t you? Nope. You do need to purchase some page protectors so that you can keep your hard work protected from fingerprints, smudges, bent pages and tears. Page protectors can also be purchased at a discount chain. They come in various size boxes from ten to over one hundred. The costs vary greatly on the brand and where you purchase them. You can get a box of 100 for under $10.00. Not bad. And of course you need paper. The other really great thing about the fact that you are not a scrapbooker, is that you can purchase any paper you want. You can buy plain old white heavy duty paper from the office supply store and be totally happy. They are usually sold for about $5.00 for five hundred sheets. Just take a walk down the office supply or computer supply aisle at your local discount chain and you will find all sorts of papers you could use. Even colors for the same amount!

The rest of the article can be found in the scrapbooking blog tomorrow, November 29, 2006.