I Am Now a Football Mom

Today I officially become a football mom, the opposite I guess of a soccer mom. My son who is entering middle school in September will be joining his school’s football team. This is real football, none of that grabbing a flag stuff. He will actually be playing tackle football.

I have quickly discovered that being a football mom requires planning your life around the football schedule. This week begins Speed Camp, next week is Conditioning Camp and then the real practice schedule begins. Monday through Friday he will be practicing.

Back in April I attended the first football meeting for this school year. We received a lot of information. One of the things that a coach said really stuck with me. I will probably need to remind myself often.

He said that although many parents complain when football season starts, we have to remember that eventually football will end and we will miss those days when we had to plan our lives around practices and games.

The point he was trying to make is that although being the parent of a football player adds more to your plate, the day will come when they graduate from high school and football is done. Your child will be gone and you will have no more games to attend.

It’s a good reminder to parents no matter what you are enduring for the sake of your preteens and teens. There will come a day when it will all end. Just this past week I started school supply shopping and the thought that kept running through my mind is that I will have only one more summer after this where I buy school supplies for my oldest.

I could complain about having to spend the money. I could complain that I have to run to several stores in order to get the best prices. But when the time comes that I no longer have to buy those supplies, I will miss it.

Time flies by too quickly. It’s not worth complaining about the inconveniences and the busyness when we know that eventually it will all be gone. I don’t want to be left with regrets that I spent all those years complaining about the very things that I will end up missing.

Yes, I am now a football mom and it will require a lot of my time. However I am determined to enjoy every moment before it’s all gone.

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