I Can Take a Little Criticism

I fully acknowledge that I am a work in progress—especially as a parent. Even with a couple dozen years under my belt, there are days when I feel like a complete novice. This doesn’t mean that I don’t take my own advice and try to trust my instincts and have some compassion with myself—but I have had to learn how to take a little criticism when it comes to my parenting. Interestingly enough, a big hunk of that criticism comes from my kids.

My kids are constantly letting me know now what they will and will not do “when they become a parent.” There is nothing like being criticized by the very people who probably have the slightest understanding of where you’re coming from! Still, I understand that part of their building their identities and getting ready to take on the world means that they need to react and evaluate against the world that they have grown up in. I really do get that. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel a slight pang when they are picking apart the things I’ve done since they were the tiniest little things!

This is why older folks say things like “just you wait” and “come talk to me in fifteen years” to opinionated teenagers. Sure, it’s easy enough to take pot shots and offer your critique when you don’t have the responsibility for shaping lives and keeping new creatures alive. But, that’s okay, I can take a little criticism for the time being—it won’t be long until I anticipate they will be coming to me for advice, or, at the very least, I will hear some of MY words coming out of their mouths when and if they become parents, and the cycle of parenting and criticism will continue…

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