I Could Use a Spouse Right Now

What an experience this has been! Hailey was in a car accident on Wednesday. Fortunately everyone in both vehicles was okay. Unfortunately the car is totaled. These past few days have been really hard on my own. Being a single parent is physically exhausting but sometimes the mental exhaustion is worse.

I felt so torn between staying with Hailey to make sure she was ok and doing all the things the insurance company needed me to do. Did I do the right things? I haven’t filed an insurance claim in twenty five years so I had no idea where to begin.

The girl in the other vehicle was fifteen and didn’t have a license, now we find out that there is an issue with their insurance coverage. Thankfully I have full coverage on the car so the loan will be taken care of and we were given a rental car for a few days to get things figured out but I’m still lost.

Tomorrow the rental car goes back so we become a one car family again. We work at the same time in opposite directions, how are we going to figure this out? The thought of getting another car loan is overwhelming.

Everyone is offering different advice, I wish I had a spouse to bounce ideas off of, someone to help me sort through all of this paperwork, someone else to be concerned about Hailey.

She’s a little afraid to drive now, I know that’s normal but I also know she needs to get back behind the wheel and get over it. We can’t go back to me driving her everywhere like we did before she had a license, with us both working and all the other stuff that goes on, I just can’t drive her around.

If I had a spouse I could be the soft, nurturing mother while her father sternly tells her she has to drive again. Instead, I have to be both and I’m afraid I’m not doing a very good job at either.