I Don’t Think I’d Be Good at Divorce

Thankfully I have only been married one time and hopefully will only ever be married one time. However, strangely, divorced and remarried people intrigue me, especially if children are involved.

I see many different couples living in different divorced situations.

I know divorced couples that have no contact with one another as if the other person just vanished. I cannot imagine having the intimacy and closeness that I share with my husband and then just all of a sudden not seeing him again. Of course in these marriages, I suppose the closeness stopped well before the divorce.

I then know divorced couples that act like the best of friends. They talk and can be seen at their children’s sporting events sitting together. They come in to parent teacher conferences together and because of this relationship often many people question if they are not back together

It totally amazes me at how some divorced couples can communicate and talk and be friends. While I do believe that this a healthy divorced relationship and great for the children, I honestly do not think that I could do it. I cannot imagine the awkwardness of running into my ex spouse and his new wife at a store or event.

Even more I do not think that I could be civil to a lady that my children call step-mom. I could never give in to someone else taking care of them in that way.

I think the main difference between these people and me is that I am still in love with my husband and could not imagine my life without him. The women described above are likely numb to feelings for their ex husbands and have settled to the fact that they had to or would be better off if they could just move on.

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