I Found a Scrapbooking Video Game!

Scrapbooking Paige Video GameI thought that headline might catch your attention. I actually did find a scrapbooking video game and was quite surprised at how addicting it is. It’s a lot like my scrapbooking hobby that I am addicted to. The game is actually quite fun. Maybe some of you have heard about it before, but it was brand new to me.

At first I was a bit skeptical, I wondered how someone could create a video game out of scrapbooking, even if it had gone digital. But Big Fish games has done it and created Scrapbooking Paige. Scrapbooking Paige is a hidden object style game (which I happen to be addicted to!).

I will be very honest, if hidden object games are not your thing, you might just find the game a bit boring or not suited to your taste. But if you enjoy hidden object games, you enjoy scrapbooking and you want to play something that ties to the two together – Scrapbooking Paige is definitely it!

The concept and story for Scrapbooking Paige is pretty simple and flows a lot like some of the other more popular hidden object games. Basically, you are helping Paige at her scrapbook shop, which is loaded to the rim with, you guessed it…scrapbooking items.

At the beginning of the game you get to choose between timed or relaxed mode, depending on how hard or simple you would like the game to be. Honestly, the game is pretty simple and consists of finding objects which is neither hard, nor extremely simple – only a bit time consuming on a few levels.

When a level begins, there are three areas of the shop that will be highlighted and you will need to explore them. Area’s will be repeated on future levels, so if you have good eyes, you might find returning to an area, easier the second or third time. Once you have selected an area that you would like to work on, you will be shown a list of items you need to find. There is also a twist that I hadn’t seen in other hidden objects games – a riddle that needs to be solved to find one of the objects. It’s there on every level, they give you a simple riddle to figure out and then you need to find the item.

The game is certainly simple on some levels, but can be fun and addicting for those that enjoy these hidden object style games. If you would like a free demo of the game, you can download one at this site: Aisle 5 Games. You can also visit YouTube for a preview of the game.