“I Hate School!”

Despite all of the positive support from parents and no matter how nice and fun the teacher is, there are some children that just do not like school. In fact, when asked, they will say that they hate school.

These feelings usually come on a day to day basis and often do not last for a long period of time. However, long-term stress from school, or anything else for that matter, can take a toll on your health. Children may begin having stomachaches and headaches and often mention that he does not feel well. The child may encounter trouble sleeping at night resulting in fussiness. At times like these keeping your child home may seem like a good decision. However, unless you plan to homeschool, staying home will only add to the problem. You do not want to give the child the notion that he does not have to go to school. He may become convinced that with enough crying and fussing you will cave in and not make him go.

The first step to solving the problem is to try to address why the child does not want to go to school. Is there a bully that the child is worried about? Is there a conflict with the teacher? Does the child feel alone and without friends? Is the work easy and boring? Is the work too difficult? Is it a fear of separation from a parent? There are many reasons why a child may not like to go to school.

The more you can get your child to talk about his feelings the better. If you have an older child that has trouble talking about feelings, ask him to write in a journal. Young children can write words and draw pictures to describe their feelings.

Help your child write a pro and con list about school. Make one list of the things that the child does not like about school. Next, make a list of positive things about school. Begin helping your child find ways to change the cons to the pros. Begin one at time and take things as slowly as needed. For example if your child feels that he does not have friends, invite a classmate over to play and see if a new friendship can be made.

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