I Love it When Things Work Right!

Most days in my home business are not perfect. The computer is slow, there are distractions that pull me away from work, the ideas won’t come, or I get frustrated and annoyed at someone—those are the typical days. When the timing is right, however, and the computer is speedy; when there seem to be no troubles or people to get in my way, then I really get excited about work. I love those days when everything seems to go right!

These days are so few and far between as to be extraordinarily special. I am quite happy, as a matter of fact, if just one thing goes easily and well for me in the course of a work day. If I get up and get to my desk, turn on the computer and there seems to be no hitches, no pop-ups telling me I need to make updates and adjustments, and I can get right down to work, it can affect my mood for the positive for the rest of the day.

I am so used to hitches that they really don’t make me crabby on a regular basis; I’m just not particularly happy, thrilled, and ecstatic. I’m more just a pleasant sort of functioning—expecting to have to deal with headaches and issues and plugging through one after another. There are so many variables in the average work day that one cannot really expect to have it be stress and problem free. When those problems are nonexistent, however, I feel so positively gleeful that I can hardly contain myself and I so wish that every day could go just as smoothly. Of course, it cannot, and I am soon back to learning how to stay focused in the midst of chaos and real, flawed business operations—but I do so love it when everything goes right!

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