I Love My Quickutz!

You may have noticed that both Crystal and I have referenced using Quickutz alphabets and shapes in our projects. You may be wondering what is Quickutz? Well, it is a portable die cutting system that has many wonderful fonts and shapes that you can purchase.

It took a while for me to be convinced that I would even like using the Quickutz system. I was not a die cut user and so I did not see a need for my own die cutting system. Then I started looking at all of the dies that are available and started to think that this might be something for me.

I bought my first Quickutz hand tool from QVC. It came with an exclusive QVC and Creating Keepsakes font called typist, a few die shapes and a binder to store it all in. The hand tool was sometimes a little hard to push down and my hands would get tired when I was punching out several shapes at the same time.

Quickutz must have recognized the problem with the original hand tool because last fall they came out with a new hand tool called “the Squeeze.” The Squeeze has longer handles and makes it so much easier to punch out the die cuts. No more sore hands! The Squeeze is available in pink and black and comes with an alphabet. The Squeeze with the alphabet retails for $119.00. This is a big investment, but for the amount of times I use it, it has been worth the price.

Quickutz offers a wide variety of alphabets in several sizes. They also offer many fun dies for almost any occasion such as holidays, sports, beach, tags, frames, flowers, bugs, food, parties, fashion, babies, and travel. Some of the shapes come on one single die (called Singlekutz) and other more detailed or larger shapes come with two dies (called Doublekutz.) The Singlekutz shapes retail for $6.99 each and the Doublekutz shapes retail for $12.99.

Visit the Quickutz website to view all of the fun products they have available at www.quickutz.com.

If you do a web search for Quickutz, online stores will come up that sell these items for up to 30% off.

Be forewarned: Once you start to use the Quickutz system, you will not want to stop collecting new dies! This is such a fun addition to any scrapbook or paper crafting space.