I’m Wrecking My Diet….

How a Little Homemade Fudge Sent Me Into a Downward Dieting Spiral….

So, I’m pretty much blowing my diet. Shhhhhh. Oh, the true irony of writing in a weight loss blog and gaining weight. I guess I’m chalking it up to the holidays. I should be following my top 10 ways to NOT gain holiday weight, but that list was only for Christmas dinner. HA.

So my parentals arrive yesterday with a nice piece of Tupperware filled with—hold your breath–fudge. Now, this isn’t any run of the mill five minute fudge, this is the McNeish “family secret recipe” fudge that has been in our family for generations. I can’t even begin to pass it up and there is no way I’m going to turn it down. It’s the one time of year it’s made, and it truly is a little slice of heaven. It’s made in a 5 lb. batch, so ok, maybe a 5 lb. slice of heaven. And, whatddoyaknow, I’ve probably gained 2 pounds… and I’ve only had it since yesterday.

Plain and simple, I’ve blown my diet. I can’t blame the fudge (and everything else that I’ve splurged on this week) I blame myself. Totally. I’ve tried hiding it, giving it to my husband, handing it to the baby, but I just can’t resist. It IS my dieting weakness.

Now, if I were a goody two shoes, I’d march that fudge right up on the counter, stare it in the face and leave it there for everyone else to eat. I’d laugh while everyone else gains their holiday pounds, and I’d laugh all the way to the scale at Weight Watchers. If only I had the will power.

So, I’m staying focused and trying not to get tooooo out of control. Christmas is next Sunday, New Year’s the following week. I swear on this blog to get back on track as soon as possible and hopefully you’ll stick around to help me get these last 10 pounds off (or at least read about it).

We’ve all got to have a little fun and indulge once in a while. I’ve been pretty good this year, 50 lbs gone! Now, I’m going to march downstairs and enjoy a small little piece of heaven. Only one, I promise!