I Need A 5-Minute Retreat

Tuesday was one of those days when I should have taken my own advice and took a 5-minute retreat. In this case it would have been more like a five hour retreat. Have you ever had one of those days when you just couldn’t seem to get together and things just kept happening? Well I had one of those days. It started at 6:30 when I woke up and found that Jack Frost had stopped by for a visit. Okay I live in the South and there’s no reason the temperature should fall below say 75 degrees let alone the 41 degrees the weather man said it was. Then as I was driving Tyler and my niece to school while stopped at the traffic light just about three blocks from my house, I hear this honking next to me and when I look over and I see a lady that I don’t know but it was obvious she wanted something so I rolled the window down and she yells, “your back tire is almost flat.”

So I drove the rest the of way to school hoping the tire would not go totally flat. When I got there I jumped out the car (still in my pajamas) and sure enough the tire was almost flat and there glaring at me was this big old nail lodged in it.

Back home to try and get the tire off and replace it with that little mini-tire. My sister tried. I tried. We failed. She had to call her ex father-in-law to come and take the tire off and put the other one on. I figured the rest of the day would get better. Not! Like I said, for some reason I just could not get myself together. I spent about an hour researching information on Washington, DC when I realized that I was supposed to be researching Washington state. Good thing my deadline is November 27th. Then I spent about 30 minutes trying to pay my sister’s Capitol One bill online because she forgot to send it in and it was actually due on Monday. But since she’s never paid her bill online I had to go in and get her all set up. By this time she had left for work and I thought I had all the necessary information until I realized I needed the authentication code and expiration date from her credit card. So I had to call and get the information. Then I continued only to realize that I didn’t remember what year she was born or how old she is! I was certain she was born in 1954 so I put that in and of course I was wrong. I double checked the account number, authentication code, expiration date. I certainly know my own mother’s maiden name so that wasn’t the problem. So I had to call back only to find out that she was born in 1955. So back I went and finally got in. By this time I really have lost my enthusiasm for working but I trudged on.

Then the phone calls started. First Tyler’s father. Then a wrong number. Then Tyler’s dad again. By this time most of my work day is over and I still had not done what I set out to do. At this point I run to the bathroom and just as I sit down my phone rings again and it’s my contractor telling me he needs me to come to New Orleans to pick out the paint and tile and carpet. Wow! I could not believe they were almost done. Since I don’t know this fellow too well I didn’t want to tell him I was on Le Toilet so I tell him I will have to call him back. So after I finish I look on my cell phone and pull up Erick’s number only when the phone is answered it’s not Erick, it’s Eric, Tyler’s godfather. So I had dialed the wrong darn number which was fine because I needed to get his girlfriend’s new number which I couldn’t find. So after talking for about five minutes I hung up and called the right Erick (note to self: go back and change the spelling of Erick’s name from Eric to Erick) and settled everything with him.

By this time I am starving and I take some meat out of the freezer to thaw out. I assumed this meat was steak because that’s what I wrote on the freezer bag but low and behold when it was thawed out it was actually HAMBURGER. And I didn’t want hamburger I wanted some steak and oriental noodles. Not T-bone steak mind you just those little steaks for making stir fry and such. So I had to find the correct steak and thaw it out and by the time I finished thawing and cooking and eating it was 1:57 and I still didn’t do much of anything! To top it off I can’t find my little cell phone case.

So from now I will take my own advice. If I have another day like this, I’m not even going to try to work– at the first sign of trouble, I’m taking a break!

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