IBM Offers Service in Green

The Project Big Green service promises to reduce overall energy use by five billion kilowatt-hours per year. Is it possible? IBM believes so. It plans on offering services that promote energy efficiency. Read on to learn about IBMs plan.

You may have read my earlier article about Apple’s plans to reduce toxic chemicals by eliminating them from their monitors in an effort to be a greener company. It is also switching to LED backlit monitors, which are much more energy efficient than standard LCD ones. Now IBM is stepping in with its own green plan. The difference here is that IBM is targeting big computing, with a service initiative aimed at building and redesigning large scale data centers.

At its press conference in New York City, IBM revealed its Project Big Green plan. IBM claims that by using its services and going green, companies can save as much as 42 percent on their energy consumption, based on a customer with a 25,000-square-foot data center. A general estimate on energy consumption is that for every dollar spent on computer hardware, another 50 cents is spent on the energy to run it.

IBM, as a company, plans on profitting monetarily from its Project Big Green, since it will charge a fee to its customers. The service involves five components: a diagnosis of the existing facilities, building, virtualization, provisioning and cooling. And IBM already has a waiting list of companies wanting the service.

According to PC Advisor,

“The company is redesigning more than 8 million square feet of data centres worldwide. It expects to reduce energy use by five billion kilowatt-hours per year, while doubling its data centres’ computing capacity.”

IBM will also offer a Mobile Measurement Technology Service for data centers that measures temperature distribution, gathers information on hot spots, air leakage, etc. Other efficiency services will be coming soon.

Large companies that have already jumped on board include Pacific Gas & Electric Company.

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