iCache: One Credit Card Instead of 30

I recently went to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. While I was there I spent a decent amount of time in the press room and while in the press room obviously talked to several members of the press.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is designed to showcase new electronics, with manufacturers from every walk of life. There were people there who make large panel flat screen televisions, as well as people who make hair curling irons, everything goes.

In the press room one day we started talking about what our favorite item from the show was and one guy mentioned the iCache. He was incredibly excited about it, which in turn got be incredibly excited about it. I went on a search for it in the showrooms to no avail, and then completely forgot about it…until today when I found it on the internet.

So what is the iCache?

iCache is an electronic device that stores your credit card information. Any card you have in your wallet that has an electronic strip can be put into the iCache and have it’s information stored. Once you’ve stored all the information from your credit cards, you eliminate the need to carry them around with you anymore. The device would work for anything with a magnetic strip, so you could use it for those grocery store rewards cards, gift cards, pretty much everything.

Once your cards information is stored in iCache you can call it up at anytime, and transfer the information from your card to an iCache credit card. The card will work for ten minutes after which it will deactivate itself.

In order to transfer information from your iCache to a card you have to use your thumbprint so it’s relatively safe in that regard, unless of course you lose your thumbs, then you’ll have to resort back to the old plastic cards.

iCache is attempting to get credit card companies to pay for the idea. Would you carry an iCache rather than all your credit cards?

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