Ice Age (2002)

ice age
Usually when we hear that the end of the world is coming, we think of it as a far off event or we think that the prophet of such doom is a quack. Well, in this case they aren’t quacks; they’re dodos, and I’m not sure what sound they make but it’s probably pretty close to a quack, being birds and all.

Twentieth Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios present “Ice Age,” the story of our world centuries ago. Primitive man exists, living in huts and hunting with spears, and saber-tooth tigers and mammoths still roam the earth. So do sloths, to the annoyance of the mammoths and the saber-tooth tigers.

A little baby has been born in a village of humans, and the saber-tooth tigers decide he would make a delicious meal. Attacking the village, the tigers go in to get their dinner, but the mother of the child escapes, carrying her baby to safety. At the very brink of collapse, she meets up with Manfred, a large, solitary mammoth, and her last act on this earth is to give him her baby.

Manfred knows nothing about babies, but he takes his responsibility very seriously. Deciding to find some humans and return the child, he sets out on this quest, beset at times by Sid, the annoying and clingy sloth. Sid’s family has migrated to safer ground (there’s a rumor that an ice age is about to start) and they left Sid behind. For better or worse, he adopts Manfred against Manfred’s will. Now the reluctant mammoth has two babies to take care of.

Meanwhile, the leader of the saber-tooth tigers sends a spy to locate the baby. The spy’s name is Diego, and with some smooth talking, he gets himself a job guiding Manfred and Sid to a village of humans. The movie is rated PG for mild peril, and there is some snarling, growling and pouncing on the part of the tigers, but it has a happy ending.

This is one of our favorite movies. The whiny voice of Sid, the caustic comments by Manfred, the doomsday prophesying of the dodos (who hoard food and run around preaching – it’s great) all contribute to this hysterical show. And we mustn’t forget Scrat, the furry little fleabag whose main ambition in life is to gather nuts. Well, a nut, any nut will do.

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