Ideas for a Winter Scrapbook

Living in Wisconsin we are always wondering when that first snow will come. This past weekend it happened and it was beautiful. Now I am actually not a fan of the cold nor am I really a fan of snow…I only enjoy it when it first falls.

But alas, I am a Wisconsite. Snow is going to be part of my life whether I like it or not. So I have no choice but every winter to just suck it up and get out the shovel.

If you live in a state where winter truly feels like winter you have opportunities galore to create some great scrapbooks. Oh how I remember the days when my children would wake up early in the morning and want to get outside to play in the snow. We would bundle up and trudge outside, making our snow angels and snowmen.

I have some great pictures that I scrapbooked of their fun in the snow. If you are looking for some creative winter ideas here are a few that you can incorporate into a scrapbook.

Pictures that can make for a great winter scrapbook include: making snow angels, building a snowman, having a snowball fight, ice skating, sledding, skiing, shoveling, making an igloo, or catching snowflakes on the tongue.

In some states you are bound to have days where school is called off. You could create an entire scrapbook on how you spent your snow day. It could be complete with pictures of the family drinking hot cocoa, playing outside, sitting by a fire or playing board games. These are priceless memories you may not have thought about capturing in a scrapbook.

Whether or not you are a fan of snow, you will enjoy looking back on those scrapbooks. Winter scrapbooks are a fun way to capture the season.

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