Ideas for Gag Gifts, Grab Bags and Gifts for Teachers

Gag Gifts

Gag gifts are usually pretty simple if you have a novelty store nearby. If not, the dollar store might be a good option. Try some funky toe socks, a crazy hat, giant sunglasses, or maybe a toilet plunger with a big old bow on it.

What about a gag gift that is somewhat humorous but still practical? Give a jumbo size package of AA batteries, and print a label that says “AA batteries – gift not included.” Should be good for a smile, and who can’t use extra batteries at Christmastime? You could also wrap up a Mason jar filled with change (the amount that has been indicated as the limit for the gift) and provide paper tubes for rolling up change. The recipient will have to work a little to benefit from the gift, but he or she will have an extra 10-20 bucks on hand.

Grab Bag Gifts


  • CD/DVD cleaning kit
  • Heated ice scraper
  • Gas card or phone card
  • Travel iron or travel alarm clock

For Kids

  • Chess or other game set
  • “Spy” stuff like a pen with disappearing ink
  • Magic tricks or card trick set
  • Pre-cut puzzle forms that the recipient can color or design
  • Trademark character watch or watch with interchangeable bands
  • Basketball, football, soccer ball, or volley ball, etc.
  • Craft set

For Most Anyone

  • Small, desktop CD holder
  • Mind teasers like peg games or Rubik’s Cube
  • Sudoku or word game books
  • Commemorative coin(s)
  • Key chain with built in game or flashlight
  • Handheld electronic games like Connect Four, Battleship, Tetris, etc.

If you need a grab bag for church or a gift for a Sunday School teacher: A white Bible is a nice gift. There is also an attractive assortment of Bible covers available. Some of the designs for women and girls are quite cute and look like purses. A devotional book or calendar is also nice.

Teacher Gifts

One of the best ideas is to have your child ask if the teacher collects anything. My youngest found that her teacher collects angels, making it much easier to choose a gift that I’m more confident she will like. Many people also like to give items for the classroom, which can help the teacher avoid spending his or her own money. Stickers, little prizes, extra supplies… another nice idea is a disposable camera (or inexpensive camera with film) and a photo album to document school events.

If you’d rather not give a classroom gift, consider these ideas:

  • Personalized leather bookmark
  • Card or gift certificate to nearby restaurant so teacher can have lunch on you
  • Nice stationary or note card set with a book of stamps

What are you favorite gift ideas?

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