Ideas For Scrapbooking Tool Organization

Scrapbooker’s seem to always have a plethora of tools. From large eyelet setters to cutters, various sized scissors, circle cutters and even large die cut machines. Finding a storage method is usually a challenge. And finding space can also be a problem. These are collected tried and true storage and organization methods, that have worked for other scrapbookers.

Die Cut Machines

Most of the die cut machines available, tend to be large and bulky. Most scrapbookers opt to actually store theirs on a table, making it easily accessible. In addition most of the die cut machines have storage containers available to purchase if you truly must put it away.

Die Cut Machine Dies

Most scrapbooker’s that I have spoken with, opt to store their dies in a binder with page protectors. Some of the die companies, sell binders and other organizational tools to make it easier. Another method I have seen, that if I actually owned a large machine with dozens of dies, I would choose, is to store them in plastic shoe boxes, recipe style. You can get various sized clear plastic containers and put dividers inside, labeled with categories if you wish.

Scissors, Circle, Oval and Other Cutters

Most of these items are small enough, that they can easily be placed in a basket, in the drawer of a plastic cart, or in a clear storage container. However, the exception to the rule, would be if it is large or over-sized. These items are then best stored in large dresser drawers or if you are like me, I keep my circle cutter in a basket on a shelf by itself, and my cutter is always on my table. I never scrapbook without it. Scissors can be organized in buckets, baskets, dishwasher baskets, or other budget friendly storage options.

While there are dozens more tools, that I could find a home for, I will save those for future articles. In the meantime, get into your scrapbook area and get to work. You will be so much more productive, and will create hundreds of beautiful layouts. (micro print: results are not typical) Most of all, just have fun!

What do you need to find a new storage method for?