If You Want Something Done Right …

dishwasher We’ve all heard the adage, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” It’s so true. No one can live up to our expectations. It’s not that our way is the most superior—it’s just that we want it done that way, and it’s hard not to get irked when you have an idea and you can’t get someone else to catch your vision.

Nowhere is this more true than in a home situation. I’m a busy gal and I’m not always able to get the housework done that I would like, and so my husband, wonderful guy that he is, will come home from work and start doing the dishes. Our dishwasher is on the fritz, and so it’s a little more of a chore than it would be otherwise, but he does it without complaining because he wants to be supportive. He does the laundry, too—he’s just a good guy.

But sometimes the dishes are still a little greasy, and I have to rewash them. Or sometimes the counter doesn’t get wiped down as thoroughly as I would like. Or Kid A’s clothes end up in Kid B’s drawer. There are always little things overlooked, and sometimes that really bothers me. It’s at those times when I have to give myself a swift kick in the pants.

Why am I complaining? I have a husband who loves me and wants my success, and so he’s doing what he can to take the stress off me. Why am I frustrated that he doesn’t do it “my” way? It’s getting done, isn’t it? Does it really matter that he didn’t fold the towels, but just shoved them into the linen cupboard? They’re clean, aren’t they? Why am I complaining?

The fact of the matter is, there’s no way I could be doing it all myself, and I need his help. He works hard all day, comes home, helps me, does it cheerfully, and I am a blessed woman. It’s okay for me to let go of those irked emotions. And if there’s something he does that just totally gets under my skin, well, I can pick that chore back up myself. I choose to be grateful for his willingness to pitch in.

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