I’m Back!

As I haven’t blogged in over a month, I feel the need to explain my absence.

In the course of about two months, my husband graduated from college, received a job in a different city, we moved, and we attended two family reunions (one that required a plane trip and sleeping in a tent).

Those events would keep any person busy, but attempting to do all of them with an 11-month-old? That’s a different story.

To begin, packing up an apartment while trying to keep my child entertained was no easy feat, especially because I strongly believe in attachment parenting. I believe in responding quickly to my child’s cries, so the ignoring that was needed to be ready to go on moving day was difficult for me.

Unpacking went the same way. There were lots of tears shed by my daughter, but we survived, and I’m happy to report that I have less than 5 boxes to go until we are totally unpacked.

Family reunions. Ah, family reunions. They are such a blessing and so much fun, but they can make the life of a baby pretty crazy.

First of all, everyone wants to meet the new baby, and many people want a chance to hold the new baby. That’s all fine and dandy, until you take into consideration the fact that each reunion had about 50 people in attendance.

Secondly, naps really aren’t an option. Sure, we got lucky a few times and were able to put our baby to sleep and keep her asleep (despite the million other little cousins running around and screaming). The majority of the time, however, she was tired and had to make the best of it.

Thirdly, when one reunion requires camping, there are a whole new set of challenges thrown into the mix. My family shared a large campsite with all of my siblings. We each had our own tent, but we were in pretty close proximity to each other. There were three babies there under the age of one in our site, and they had a great time waking each other up at night with their cries and chatter.

To sum it all up, life got a little crazy for me. It was extremely fun, but free time didn’t come around too often. I quickly realized I would need to admit defeat and go on a brief blogging hiatus. I’m excited to be back, and hope you are all well.

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