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My local camera shop is offering an end-of-the-summer photo workshop at a really good price. I considered registering, but the end of August is such a chaotic time around our home. However, if you have the means and the time, then I would highly suggest taking advantage of these types of opportunities to hone your photography skills.

Whether you are new to digital photography or you simply want to learn how to use more of your camera’s features, workshops and seminars are great ways to obtain professional advice. In addition, they provide you with the incentive to experiment with different photo genres, such as:

Black and White: This may be one of the easiest genres to capture regardless of the type of camera you own. Black-and-white images have a mystical feel that makes them appear to be hard to snap. However, by learning how to manipulate light and shadows you can create amazing works of art.

Nature: Ansel Adams is an icon in this genre and you only have to look to his works and those captured by talented National Geographic photographers to know that learning how to document nature’s gems is a true gift. Whether you are shooting mountains, lakes, waterfalls or wildlife, it’s important to learn how your camera’s features can help enhance your shots.

Portrait: Being able to capture a subject’s personality in a single photo requires practice and patience. It also helps to have a good lens, soft light and the ability to focus correctly. By working on portrait projects, you can polish your picture-taking skills and capture stunning shots at the same time. Most workshops that include lessons in portrait photography will also provide tips for shooting RAW. In addition, you might also be given advice on how to use the latest photo-editing software to fine-tune your photos so they can be hung with pride throughout your home.

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