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I don’t know where I would be without our car’s GPS navigation system. No doubt I’d probably be somewhere in Cap Cod, Massachusetts, despite the fact that I live in suburban/rural Pennsylvania and was only trying to get to the grocery store. You see, I am one of those rare people that is directionally challenged. Tell me to turn right at the gas station, and I’ll probably turn left at the convenience store.

I read somewhere that birds may have some sort of organ or dedicated area of their brains that can sense the north pole and is dedicated to letting them know which way to fly for the winter. The article went on to say that humans might have something similar. Well, here is one human that was born without whatever it is. I have no idea where I am in space, other than right side up (most of the time).

If you are like me (come on out of the closet, I’m forming a support group), you have to get an in-car GPS system. Or perhaps you are a normal person who wants to do away with paper maps and take advantage of being able to always look up the nearest chinese food restaurant.

Well, the editors at offer a continually updated list of their top five choices for in-Car GPS systems. Here are their current picks:

Garmin Nuvi 660

“The price tag is a little hefty, but if you can swing it, the Garmin Nuvi 660 delivers a solid-performing and versatile GPS device that offers navigation basics, tools for the world traveler, Bluetooth, and more.”

HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion

“For the movers and shakers, the HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion delivers a sleek, all-in-one solution that can not only keep you on track during your travels but also with your schedule.”

Magellan Maestro 4040

“We’re glad Magellan finally updated the design and interface of its portable navigation systems; it was in much need of improvement.”

Mio C520 Navigation Receiver

“The sleek Mio C520 is a good-value GPS device, packing in advanced navigation features, a large screen, and other extras for an affordable price. It’s even sleek enough that we’d use it as a video player.”

TomTom GO 720

“Portable navigation systems are a dime a dozen these days, but the sleek TomTom GO 720 differentiates itself with a new Map Share community tool that gives you access to constant map updates and a useful safety option in case of an emergency.”

Prices vary. To read the complete reviews, visit the Cnet GPS system reviews section.

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