In Laughter & Tears

When we got married, one of our vows was ‘…through laughter and tears …’ and that vow has always been apropos in my opinion – especially since I laughed all the way through our wedding. It’s a very funny memory now – but when it happened, I know some people were a bit appalled that I was giggling through the wedding. But the truth is – your wedding vows say a lot for what you will go through in your marriage.

Sickness & Health

There will be times of illness. There will be times when you are depressed mentally or emotionally or physically. There will be struggles whether it’s with weight loss, emergency appendectomies or lumps on your ovaries. There will be times when you are feeling great and you’re both active and on the go – these come in cycles.

Richer or Poorer

You will have money sometimes and other times you won’t. It comes and it goes. There are ways to be financially responsible and on the same page, but the truth is – unless you are fabulously wealthy – money changes over time. And richer or poorer doesn’t just refer to your financial situation – but also your life choices. Children can enrich your life, but so can travel and the arts and education and more. There will be times when you wealthy in terms of these things and other times when you are not.

In Laughter & In Tears

Not everything goes the way we want it to. There will be sadness – leaving the first home you ever bought together – losing a pet – struggles with other relationships and careers – so much can happen. Sometimes you’ll laugh and sometimes you’ll cry. The reason we take all of these vows is because we need to remember this is what we committed to – until death do us part or for all the days of our lives. We committed to the good and the bad – the fun and the boring – the frustrating and the exhilarating and you really can’t have one without the other.

So here’s to laughter and to tears.

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