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Back-to-school supplies are front and center at just about every retailer right now. However, instead of sending your recent high school grad off to college with a new comforter set and a bunch of No.2 pencils, why not gift him with something that’ll really come in handy when his wallet is as empty as his stomach—-a recipe scrapbook.

More than just a place to preserve files of instructions on how to make your favorite dishes, cookbook scrapbooks are designed to document family history for generations to come. By scrapping cherished collections of tasty recipes compiled by loved ones, you’ll be able to share the joy of creating culinary masterpieces, as well as capture the delight of those who are allowed to sample the mouthwatering creations.

That may not matter much to a college undergrad, but it may help your son impress dates.

One of the best parts of a recipe scrapbook is that it typically features a slew of colorful photos. The images are essential to have for beginner chefs. In addition to pictures, you can embellish the layouts with scratch-and-sniff food stickers and actual ingredients, such as lacquered seeds, tiny nuts and pressed herbs.

If you are looking to create a cookbook scrapbook for your college-bound kid, now is the time to do so. By planning ahead of time you can ask various family members or friends to share their favorite recipes to be included in the book as well. If they oblige your request, then ask them to send along some photos too. Since you are crafting a scrapbook, instead of a generic cookbook; you have the leeway to infuse your album with personality. This is especially important if you are designing the scrapbook for a son or daughter. Along with pictures of finished dishes, add some fun shots of family members and friends chowing down on tasty treats, such as grandma’s famous mac and cheese or Aunt Sue’s yummy peach pie.

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