Include Family Member in Holiday Crafting

This is a busy and special time of year where you may not have time to sit and create many layouts, but you can make some time to create some meaningful gifts and spend quality time with others. I have had a few ideas on ways that you can include others in your holiday creating this year and I would like to share them with you.

Make a Gift Album. Since this is a gift-giving time of year, why not make a special album to gift as a gift. You could make the album to commemorate a vacation you took with friends or make a mini album for your child with one favorite picture from each month. Keep the design simple so that the album doesn’t become too overwhelming. Not only will you get to scrapbook, but you will be creating a cherished gift for someone else.

Invite a Family Member to Create with You. Many people have company during the holidays and it can be difficult to find time to scrapbook when you have houseguests. I think that it would be fun to include your guests on a scrapbooking project. You could make a small album where each family member writes about his or her favorite Christmas memory and them include the note with a picture of that family member on the layout. If would be nice to make one album for each member that contributes to the album.

Make Gift Wrap. Since you will have to wrap presents, why not make the wrapping something personal and creative? It would be fun to include your kids on this project. You could start with white or kraft paper rolls and decorate with your holiday stickers, die cuts and patterned paper. This would be especailly fun for grandparent gifts and any gifts that your children are giving to their friends.

This is such a special time of year and I hope that you will find time to scrapbook or papercraft as a time of relaxation for yourself and as a special way to make gifts so that you can share a part of yourself with others.