Increase Exercise Decrease High Blood Pressure

According to new research, for people with high blood pressure, regular exercise can help save their lives.

It may sound like a dramatic statement, but experts say the information is on target and can help millions of people with high blood pressure. The study’s conclusions were simple: Elevating one’s heart rate for a mere 30 minutes a day can be the most important lifestyle change people with high blood pressure can make. Simply put, if you suffer from high blood pressure it is imperative that you carve out time to bike, walk, run, swim or participate in some other physical activity for at least a half hour per day to lower your blood pressure.

The other conclusion made by the new study might come as a surprise to some. Researchers say despite the benefits exercise has on high blood pressure patients, two-thirds of doctors don’t take the time to tell those patients about the importance of regular physical activity.

More than 17,400 individuals participated in the study and among them were 4,686 people, who reported having high blood pressure. During the study researchers found that only one-third of the people with high blood pressure said their doctor had told them to add or increase exercise as a way of reducing their blood pressure. However, 71 percent of patients with high blood pressure said they saw a drop in their blood pressure when they increased their physical activity.

In the conclusion of the study researchers state that exercise — as part of a comprehensive lifestyle-modification program including a low-salt diet, diets rich in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats — has beneficial effects on blood pressure. Researchers also noted that doctors should do more to encourage patients with high blood pressure to participate in some form of aerobic activity.

Do you have high blood pressure? If so what types of exercise do you participate in on a daily basis?

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