Indoor Easter Party Fun

Outdoor egg hunts are an Easter tradition, but what happens when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate with your plans?

Moving a party indoors can be a real bummer; however, with a little creativity, bad weather doesn’t have to ruin your holiday shindig. The following Easter-themed activities will help keep your party on the right track regardless of what it looks like outside:

Bunny Pokey: This Easter version of the Hokey Pokey plays up funny bunny parts, such as: “Put your cotton tail in” or “Put your long ears in” or “Put your fluffy tummy in.”

Bunny Hop: Line up your youngest party guests and get them moving by playing the “Bunny Hop” song.

Egg Coloring Table

If you have to move the party indoors, consider having an egg-coloring station as a go-to activity. However, rather than simply putting out plain dye, help the kids kick their egg decorating up a notch with the following unique techniques:

Marbled Eggs: Collect large pieces of crayon shavings and place them into cups with very hot water. Once you add an egg into the cup, gently swirl it until the egg starts to absorb the color. Periodically move the egg until it reaches the desired color, then remove it and allow it to dry.

Striped Eggs: Apply strips of masking or electrical tape around the eggs. Next, dip the eggs in dye and allow to sit for three minutes. Next, remove the eggs and the tape. Once the eggs are dry cover the first set of stripes and make new ones with more tape. Re-dip the eggs in different colors to create an attractive contrast. Remove the eggs and tape and allow to dry.

Sponged Eggs: Cut some sponges into small pieces. Next, have kids dip the sponges into craft paint and dab them on the eggs. To avoid messy fingers, attach clothespins to the sponges, so the kids have a handle to hold as they paint their eggs.

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