Inexpensive (And Thoughtful) Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is the time where we tell our mothers how much we appreciate them. Sometimes, the most expensive gifts don’t show any more thought than some of the most simple and thoughtful. Maybe the idea of frugal gift-giving just doesn’t sound right to you. If so, at least take a few minutes to read these ideas to see if maybe you could save a little money this Mother’s Day. These ideas will show you that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to show Mom that you care.

Where to shop
Consider shopping at a store that sells department store closeouts. In my area, the two most common stores of this type are Ross and Marshall’s. These stores not only sell clothing, they also sell name-brand perfumes, lotions, house wares, and other nice gifts for mom at prices much cheaper than department stores.

Mothers and grandmothers alike love receiving pictures. Take one or more of your favorite shots, get reprints, and frame the photos. Look for discount frames at places like Big Lots or thrift stores. Spruce up an old frame with some paint or decoupage.

Time and Money
Consider a gift for mom that also includes spending some time together. For instance, take her out for a relaxing breakfast or lunch. The money you spend on going out to eat will likely be less than you’d spend on her for a purchased gift, and she will more than enjoy spending some quality time with you.

Potted Flowers
Instead of buying from a flower shop, buy flowers that will last for years (or at least a whole season.) These flowers can be found for less than the price of a bouquet, and they will be a constant reminder of how much you care for your mother. To go along with your flowers, write a poem about how your mother has cared for you and helped you to grow.