Inexpensive or Free Advertising Options For Your Scrapbooking Home Business

From Creative Memories to Close to My Heart, there are several scrapbooking, stamping or paper crafting home business companies that you can become a consultant for. Most scrapbookers would love the opportunity to have their own scrapbooking business and be allowed to be creative and crop all day. Most people would love to have their own business and get to set their own hours, as well as work from home or in their pajamas from time to time. The one complaint I hear the most often when faced with the choice of becoming a consultant is, “I don’t know anyone.” This is the #1 response I get.

So what do you do if you are wanting to become a scrapbooking consultant for any of the companies out there, but you feel as if you don’t know anyone and aren’t real sure how to go about meeting new people that might be interested in scrapbooking.

Whichever company you choose to join, they each have a special or unique feature about themselves so you will highlight that as the thing you want to show up that makes yours different from theirs.

Here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to advertise your business to get clients, sales, hostesses and even recruits (or maybe even a few new friends to scrapbook with).

Find the local library. Most local libraries have a bulletin board available for free to advertise personal business, home business or any groups or classes you might be hosting. Not to mention – often if you offer to teach a class at the library they will help you set up and you get to use one of their rooms as well as getting a little free advertising through them. Be sure you have business cards or some kind of pamphlet if you do teach a class to pass around to your students. This can often bring customers.

Teach at the community center, church, etc. Following the lead I gave you as to offering to teach at the local library, do the same thing at your local community center, VFW hall, church, etc. You can also host crops, etc. Make sure and charge enough to cover the cost of the rental of the location and any supplies or prizes you will be giving out as well as food, snacks or drinks.

Post it at the grocery store. We have three grocery stores all within a mile of my home. I recognize that not everyone does, but regardless of how close the nearest is, there has to be one that services your area. Usually they have a large bulletin board that is open to community wide events and such.

There are many other great ideas I have for advertising (and that I have experience with). I will be sharing them in the coming days, so please check back.

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