Infidelity in the Media

couple watching tv
I was watching TV with my husband the other night and I was so upset over all the mentions of infidelity in the matter of only a few minutes. We were watching The Office and if you watch this show, you know that Jim is going on the business trip to Florida with everyone and so is the intern. Of course, you see her on the phone with someone saying that his relationship with Pam isn’t going well, even though they just had a new baby, and that she believes they will hook up on the trip.

Then there is the warehouse girl, Val, who receives roses from her boyfriend. But yet, she tells Daryl that they are from her mother even though he knows for a fact they are from her boyfriend since he called him to ask for the delivery address.

During the commercials, there is an ad for I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. It tells you to cheat on butter.

What is going on with the world? Why are they all so obsessed with stabbing their partners in the back?

I understand that cheating evokes emotion and that is why show writers slide that in there. However, it’s not a joke, or something that should be frivolously thrown around. This is real and it’s painful. If media could understand that, they would respect the people who have to watch it. Watching these episodes and mentions of adultery or cheating is like reliving a nightmare. A nightmare that you want to forget…

It’s bad enough that when you go to the grocery store you see magazines all around you saying one celebrity has cheated on another. We don’t need to see it when we try to relax in our very own homes.

Of course, you could just stop watching TV, or listening to the radio (since you hear plenty of songs about cheating there) but then where would we be? Hiding in a self-made emotional hole? Is there no other way to deal with infidelity but to isolate?

Dealing with Infidelity and Emotions
No, there is a way. Dealing with infidelity is a process that takes many years. At first, your emotions are raw and sensitive. The slightest mention can feel like a knife in the heart. However, over time, and processing of what has happened can make these mentions much less powerful. You can start to feel “normal” again. You can hear about mentions of infidelity, think it’s a shame and then let it go. You won’t feel compounded by it and remember all the pain you are in. With time, you will be able to control your emotions and your reaction to the world of infidelity.