Ink Pad Storage and Organization

Stamp pads can accumulate quickly, with all the luscious colors out there, and all of the different companies. From one company alone I have 35 different colors, not to mention a variety of other stamp pads and types. So what do you do when the stamp pads add up and the way you are storing them isn’t working for you?

Over the years I have seen lots of different storage methods, but my favorite by far is the way that I have them stored. The reason I love it so much is because it was a totally FREE item that I already owned.

What was that you ask? Remember those old style cassette tape holders of the old days? They come in all shapes, sizes and some can be mounted to the wall, as is the case with mine. Thankfully we had nothing in it, and it was just sitting in storage taking up space. Even if it had tapes in it, we don’t use them often enough to justify them taking up a precious storage unit and into a box they would go.

As I purchase new stamp pads, I put them into the slots. This photo shows the stamp pad organizer several months ago when I first did it.

At first I thought it was perfect just as it was (and maybe I would paint it someday), and then I realized it was difficult to figure out what colors I had and which ones were which. Since most stamp pads come with a color label on them, I just peeled them off and attached them to the outside of the ink pad. You could also use a label maker or a permanent marker to write the name of the color on the side.

However, there are two places I would love for you to take a look at if you have some money to spend on something to store all those ink pads. Stamper Storage and Storage Units Ink. If you have that extra money, these two product lines are absolutely awesome alternatives for ink pad storage.

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