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One of the last things we sometimes think about when it comes to exercise is comfort. And out of all the gear you could wear, shoes are the most important. In fact, wearing the right shoe could actually prevent injuries.

I love my shoes. But they require inserts in order to bring the most comfort. I have gone through a variety of different insoles to find the right one. Needless to say, I ended up settling for what I had.

It wasn’t until I was offered a free pair of insoles that I realized how much I really had been settling for less than I deserved. They are called “Free-Flex” and are made by a product line by the name of “Smart Shoe.”

After a week of walking and exercising in my shoes with these insoles, I realized what true comfort is. But I started thinking that they must be really expensive.

I paid around $10 for my previous pair. But I was pleasantly surprised to learn that “Free-Flex” insoles cost just $12. And you can find them at Target stores nationwide in the Shoe Care section. You can also purchase them online.

The insoles are designed for flexible shoes, also known as minimalist athletic shoes. I was hesitant to try them because I don’t happen to own this type of shoe.

Now that I have, I just might have to invest in a new pair of shoes. I figure if they bring this much comfort in my cheaper pair, they are probably all the better with a good shoe.

Here are some of the features of the “Free-Flex” insoles:

Keeps moisture away from feet

Flexes in all directions, mirroring the shoe’s movement

More spring


Great shock absorption

Floating arch (fitting most arch heights)

Remember that fitness isn’t just about exercise. It is about comfort and preventing injuries. Invest in a good shoe. And seriously consider a pair of these very comfortable insoles.

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