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Anna Glendenning 2006

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself as a blogger on the New Insurance Blog at For the past five years my husband and I have worked very hard Adopting Siblings from our state foster care system and I am one of the Adoption b
Prior to this life changing event my career has been Insurance. I look forward to refocusing and writing about the business I have been involved with for nearly 25 years.

My first position in the insurance field started when I was 18 years old. I was hired by the most interesting man I have ever met. At that young age my duties consisted of sitting across the desk from my boss, who had narcolepsy, and picking up the telephone when he suddenly fell asleep–something which happened as many as 20 times a day. It didn’t take long however, for my employer to realize that I had a mind that understood the complex issues about insurance and the ability to communicate with customers and Insurance Companies and my duties expanded.

My employer, John Woods, was an amazing man I consider as one of the most important role models of my life. He was the kind of person who valued my work enough that he built a nursery in his office when I became pregnant and gave me a way to make a living and be a mother at the same time. But, more then being a wonderful boss he was the kind of Insurance Man who had ethics and standards for both his clients and the company he represented.

I relocated in 1989 to another state but I have never been completely able to leave the Insurance Industry. As a mother my family always came first but, the skills I learned from my first Insurance Employer have always offered me a foundation and opportunity to work on my own terms. I have held several positions with a number of Insurance Agencies and companies over the years, and held a Personal Lines Insurance License until 2005.

I recently decided that I would not continue actively working in the Insurance business but do maintain my education. I have found Insurance to be something I have to fall back on, both at the time of a loss when I needed to make a claim and during the times in my life when I need a solid-honest job.

I am very excited about this opportunity to write about Insurance from both the Agency and Insurance company perspective as well as the consumer’s point of view. While every state regulates Insurance Laws there are major industry standards and general issues which affect all insureds and I look forward to starting the blog with some of those issues. I also invite any questions or topic ideas you might have to suggest.

On this note, welcome to the Insurance Blog and I look forward to sharing my experience and researching with you.

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