Insurance Blog Week In Review – April 8 – 14, 2012

ketchup What did you miss this week? The Insurance Blog Week in Review is an excellent way to “ketchup” on everything that hit the blog in the past seven days. There can be anywhere between twelve and fourteen different blogs that appear, and it is easy to accidentally miss something that you wanted to read.

Green Tree Offer Homeowners and Flood Insurance All in One
Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. For that, you need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. Green Tree Insurance offers a combined homeowners and flood insurance policy.

The Insurance Podcast Roundup went up on April 9, 2012. This week, I’d like to point out an episode of NPR’s “All Things Considered”. The episode is called “Health Insurers Move Ahead, With or Without Individual Mandate”.

Approved for Health Insurance One More Time
I got approved for the policy I applied for. Now, what do the premiums actually cost? I attempted to find an answer to this question.

Judge Rules Health Plan Must Cover Transgender Spouse
In Minnesota, a man who worked for UPS wanted to put his wife on his employer sponsored insurance policy. His employer denied coverage for her because the employer considered the couple to be in a same-sex marriage. The woman was born transgendered, and had changed her sex from male to female before the couple got married. A judge ruled that Minnesota recognized her as female when the couple got married, and that UPS cannot deny coverage for the spouse of an employee.

The Best Answer I Can Get For Now
Still trying to discover the price of my health insurance premium. I didn’t get a clear answer, but I got the best answer that I could get at the time.

Changes to Illinois All Kids Medicaid Program Harmful to Thousands
Illinois wants to change the eligibility requirements to a public health insurance program that covers kids who have cancer and other serious illnesses. The change will mean that thousands of them will no longer qualify, and will be completely without health insurance. Apparently, it is more important to balance the state budget than to make sure “All Kids” are covered by health insurance.

There’s A Puddle On the Floor
A puddle on the floor led to a homeowners insurance claim. Here is how we started with that.

Assessing the Damage from the Puddle on the Floor
The claims adjuster called us back, and arranged the next step in the claim process for us.

The Local Repair Company Arrived
Here is what the guys from the repair company said about the damage from the puddle on the floor.

Finally Found Out the Price of My Premium
I finally learned what the cost of my health insurance premium will be. I can afford it! Success!

Michigan No Longer Requires Motorcycle Riders to Wear Helmets
A change to Michigan law allows most motorcycle riders to go without helmets. They have to carry a certain amount of medical insurance, and be age 21 and over. There are questions as to how this change will affect other types of insurance.

The HealthCare Blue Book Can Help You Negotiate
Find out the real price of a medical procedure before you get stuck paying too much for it!

Why Some Choose Higher Priced Health Insurance
Some people intentionally select a health plan that is not the least expensive option. Here are some of the reasons why they do this.

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