Insurance Blog Week in Review – January 29 – February 5, 2012

ketchup Every week, the Insurance Blog will have anywhere from twelve to fourteen different articles appearing on it. Many relate to health insurance, several have been about auto insurance, and every so often there will random and bizarre insurance related topics. The Insurance Blog Week in Review is a easy way to “ketchup”, so you won’t miss anything.

Staying on Your Ex’s Health Insurance is Risky
It might be more convenient, at first, to continue using your ex’s health insurance policy after the two of you have gotten divorced. However, there are some risks involved in doing that.

The Insurance Podcast Roundup went up on January 30, 2012.

Wells Fargo has Concussion Coverage
Wells Fargo Insurance Services has created insurance packages that are designed to manage and identify concussions in youth athletes. It is a team type of insurance policy.

The Battle Over Birth Control Coverage Continues
Two religious universities have sued the federal government over the requirement that employer sponsored health insurance policies have to include coverage for birth control. The battle continues.

Kaiser Permanente Workers Strike Over Health Care
Kaiser Permanente proposed cutting the retirement medical benefit to union members’ spouses or partners. Obviously, this news did not sit well with the workers.

Mitt Romney’s Comments About Health Insurance
Mitt Romney was declared the winner of the Republican Primary in Florida. He made some comments in his victory speech that were about health insurance.

Man Denied Transplant Because He is Illegal Immigrant
A man in California named Jesse Navarro needs a kidney transplant. He currently has health insurance, and he has a live donor who is a match. The hospital won’t do the transplant surgery, because he is in the United States illegally.

The Facts About Birth Control Coverage
The White House posted on its official blog some facts that people should know about health insurance, preventative services, and religious institutions.

The Next Step in Signing Up for Medicare Part B
My husband is working on signing up for Medicare Part B. Here is the second step in that process.

New Judge to Preside Over Kansas Abortion Coverage Case
There is a lawsuit in Kansas over a law that bans health insurance companies from covering abortion in their general health insurance policies. The judge who was presiding over the case has passed away, so a new judge has been selected.

Prudential Settles With States Over Death Benefit Issue
Prudential reached a settlement with seven states regarding how insurers find beneficiaries of death benefit payments. Prudential will pay $17 million to the states, and promises to do a better job of using existing archives to locate beneficiaries.

USCCB Responds to White House Blog about Birth Control Coverage
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops responded to what the White House wrote in their blog about health insurance, birth control coverage, and religious organizations.

VPI Puppies Appear in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl Eight
There are three puppies that are insured by VPI that participated in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl Eight. It’s sort of like the Super Bowl, but with puppies!

Romney’s Comments About Insurance in Nevada
Mitt Romney was declared the winner of the Republican Primary in Nevada. His victory speech has some similarities to the one he gave in Florida. Some of his comments are about insurance.

Image by Wendy Harman on Flickr