Insurance Blog Week in Review – Week of February 12 – 18, 2012

ketchup In a given week, there can be anywhere from twelve to fourteen different blogs appearing here. The Insurance Blog Week in Review brings you a quick and easy way to “ketchup” on the news that you may have missed.

Clinic Will Charge Unhealthy Workers Higher Insurance Rates
The Cleveland Clinic is going to charge employees that are considered to be unhealthy a 21% higher health insurance premium. To avoid the increase, the worker has to see a doctor and follow the health plan the doctor prescribes.

The Insurance Podcast Roundup for the week went up on February 13, 2012. Each and every episode discusses some aspect of the controversy with birth control coverage and the Catholic Church.

Offensive Email Causes Insurance Spokesman to Lose Job
It isn’t wise to put an offensive term for a body part into a company email, and then send it to hundreds of people.

Drivers of Minivans Pay Less for Auto Insurance compiled the data that gives proof to what common sense would tell you. It costs less to insure a minivan than it does a sports car.

UCSSB Battles to Further Reduce Insurance Coverage
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops want a law made that would allow all businesses (whether religion-affiliated or not), to be able to opt-out of covering absolutely anything that goes against the business owner’s personal religious beliefs in their employer sponsored health insurance plans. I wrote about how that could affect your family’s health insurance coverage.

Catholic Health Insurance Covers Viagra
It won’t cover birth control, but it will cover Viagra. I explain the Catholic beliefs that are behind the decision to cover one medication but not the other kind of medication.

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance is a Problem
In this blog, I share my opinion about how employer sponsored health insurance is problematic.

What About Catholic Businesses that Self – Insure?
Catholic businesses that chose to become self – insured are now upset, because they feel they are still being forced to pay for birth control coverage.

Insurance in Case of the Zombie Apocalypse
It sounds like a joke. However, there is a real company that is selling this type of insurance policy.

New Judge Assigned to Kansas Abortion Lawsuit
A law in Kansas prevents insurers from including coverage for abortion in standard health insurance policies. The ACLU has filed a lawsuit about this, claiming that the law is discriminatory against women. The lawsuit has now been reassigned, again, to a third judge.

Congress Passes Another Extension on the Payroll Tax
I explain how this extension affects your family. The extension also includes a cut to the number of weeks people can receive unemployment benefits, and a temporary prevention of the 27% Medicare reimbursement cut.

Obama Administration Responds to Belmont Abbey College Lawsuit
The Justice Department points out that Belmont Abbey College has filed a lawsuit about a law that doesn’t actually affect them at all. Their health insurance plan is “grandfathered”.

Will You Be Getting a Health Insurance Rebate?
If your health insurance company failed to meet the requirements of the medical loss ratio law, then you will be receiving a rebate from them.

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